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​Make your house a Home

​Lets be honest, paying a designer a fortune for telling you what your style and personality of your home should be, is a waste if money. The main reason we at Smart Home Makerz believe this is because no-one knows you, like you do! We aim to teach you how to think like a designer, bringing in tech into your space and adding that touch of Amazing.


Bedroom Image

​This is your rest and special place, you want a space that depicts your style and offers you ultimate satisfaction. Your Bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxed space in you home.

Decorate this space with things that you find relaxes you, whether it's a reading station or recliner looking over the garden, add an entertainment section where you can play the sounds that drift you to your happy space.

Be creative and just be you.

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​This is one of the most personal spaces in your home, add a tub and shower that screams this is my space to wind down after a long hard day, this is the space I escape to, to get away from it all.

There are so many option with bathrooms and so many things you can add to be totally unique. If your home has more than one, then you can add an different aspects of your style to each of them and they can look totally different from each other.



​For most of us, the lounge is the space where we entertain, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. You can tech this space out or have it as simplistic as what you want so that people can connect with each other and lock the world outside.

Modern, temporary or classic. The options are endless just as long as its you. WOW people with different elements and have focus points, let the child come out in you if you want to.

​Home Office

home study

​The modern lifestyle almost dictates a space where we can do work at home. As more and more people start working remotely, we need to create a space that is comfortable but also shouts out "I am here to work".

This is where we find the smart devices, latest gadgets and elements that makes the time worthwhile.​ Technology changes so fast and that is what would drive the layout and design of these spaces, practically and having all the resources in a confined space so you don't waste time whilst you need to be there.

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​There is a trend that men and women want a space where they can get their hands dirty, a space where they can fix things and be that DIY person like in the good old days.

The opportunities are endless, but having a space that is organized and has everything you would need to do that emergency fix of a lawnmower or changing a plug.

Don't let the garage be the excuse or the storage unit, create a space that says "I can fix things here"​ even if you don't have a clue what you are doing.